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Yay Genderform! is an extensive, all-inclusive catalog of identity terms. It can also generate memes for posting on web sites, profiles, or blogs. It is not intended to be a practical means of determining sex, gender, or orientation.

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SGOSelect is intended to be an accurate, inclusive, and practical form for determination of sex, gender, and orientation. It is a good replacement for the archaic male/female checkboxes. It is a model I hope web sites requesting this information will follow.


A C header file, ksgo.h, encoding SGO information in a 24-bit integer.

Introduction to SGO is a PDF document explaining the basics of sex, gender, and orientation and defining the most common identity terms. It is designed to be simple, reasonably accurate, and easy to understand. Warning: Although this is intended to be as accurate as possible, it is also simplified in order to be easily understood. As such, it may contain too much gender binary for some people's tastes.

Introduction to SGO

SGO Extended

Transgender Umbrella

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